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What more can a kitchen faucet achieve? Danze answers this question by bringing in playfulness and youth into an industry that is mostly powered by innovation and reputation. Relatively a young brand in itself, Danze introduces an optimistic future for the faucet realm with savvy designs, impressive styling and potentially unlimited possibilities. Every Danze kitchen faucet is a masterpiece in itself. Unique designs to impressive authentic styling, the biggest allure of a Danze faucet is being different from others.

Introduced in 2001, Danze over one decade has revolutionized the industry through careful pricing policy with active customer involvement and renovation.

Innovations of Danze Kitchen Faucets

Many of Danze’s authentic line comprises of classical designs blended with modernistic finishing, incorporating bronze beige combination.

Wide array of choices has won Danze the 2009 Innovation award, feature among top 50 popular product list and brought it numerous consumer accolades.

Reinventing the wheel was a major hurdle for mankind but reinventing a conventional kitchen faucet was easy for Danze thanks to their Parma line, considered the cutting edge fashion faux pas among luxury faucets.

This particular line is the first kitchen faucet line to come in a total of 5 different finishes.

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Danze D455158SS Review

The Danze D455158SS Pre-rinse faucet is an amazing and must have accessory for any kitchen. It is well worth the money with good features, easy installation , durability and ease of use. With a price tag under $300, you will find hardly any other worthy competition that can match up to its cost effectiveness.

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2 Danze D454557RB Review

Danze D454557RB Review

Antiquated and rustic, the Danze D454557RB is the go-to faucet for those who admire Victorian era styling. It is an elegant kitchen faucet with a massive footprint ideal for large kitchen sinks but beware, antique pieces require caution while handling. Sufficiently functional with a spray wand and swivel option, it uses a single hole setup that can be covered by the included deck plate piece.

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