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The Delta 9178-AR-DST is an elegantly styled faucet made of Stainless Steel. With a design that closely resembles a tea pot, this single handle pull-down faucet accentuates the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen. It allows for 360-degree spin to the high-arc spout swivel, thereby providing maximum functionality and greater convenience in cleaning up pots, pans away from the sink. To help homemakers clean off stains and rinse the dirt from dishes, Delta 9178-AR-DST comes with a pull-down spray wand that is secured with Magna Tite docking (that’s magnet based docking system which is way better than anything else in the market at present). The faucet is built with solid brass, which ensures overall quality and longevity and with a diamond seal valve, the water never comes in direct contact with harmful components like lead. With a tightly sealed enclosure, you never have mineral buildup and this ensures safe and pure water all the time. If you are looking for an ultra sleek faucet that allows the water to fall right into the sink and reduces leaks, if any, this product is your best bet.

Warranty & Repair
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Our Review:


The faucet comes with superior features that promote maximum functionality. If you extend the spray wand, you can easily clean up kitchen waste in the sink from close quarters. Also, the high arc sprout allows for backward cleaning support, which helps in cleaning the entire sink area. I did find the installation a bit irksome and had it not been for my years of experience with DIY plumbing, I probably would have failed to get this faucet installed. So you may need a plumber if you aren’t that great at DIY tasks.


The Delta 9178-SS-DST is available in five different styles of which three are of particular interest for their similar functionality and yet unique design. I would never have imagined that a simple change in finishing can alter the way a faucet looks. Available in total of three styles namely stainless steel, venetian bronze and arctic silver.


The faucet is made from high quality bronze that will ensure maximum reliability. Expect a long service period from this faucet. For starters, the valves are made of high quality diamond seal, which prevents water from contact with contaminants. So, if you are bothered about the rusted valves, this product greatly avoids it thanks to the use of superior technology. From what I have heard online, this particular faucet can last an eternity without any damage.

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Extra Features:

The product packs some superior features that are rare in a faucet. You can shift between the spray mode and single stream mode with ease, thereby, allowing greater convenience. When you want to rinse a pot or pan use the spray mode and to fill up pots the single stream works best. However, what excites me the most is its backward functionality. With the help of its complete 360-degree swivel you can increase access to clean up the entire sink area. On a side note, the faucet is also ADA compliant!

Delta 9178-AR-DST

Delta 9178-SS-DST

Warranty & Repair:

Warranty for all parts and accessories are covered for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. Delta Faucet provides free replacement in case of any defects in workmanship or any kind of defects in the product or finishing of the faucet till the time of warranty. A small call to their customer service number revealed that while the warranty is for 5 years and offers free replacement, any additional charges including labor charges, damage incurred during installation and repairs will be treated as per the prevailing fares at the time.


Delta 9178-SS-DST is a high end faucet that comes with superior technological upgrades. With some of the best features including single hand control, 360 degree swivel rotation and diamond seal valve, you can expect greater ease in usage and a durable faucet for their kitchen. At the price it retails for, with the brand name of Delta, I think it is a decent investment.

  • Venetian bronze, Stainless steel, Arctic Silver and other finishes offering greater reliability.
  • Magna tide dock to secure the spray wand in place.
  • Includes cover plate, handle and supply lines for easier installation.
  • Single lever for operational ease.
Delta 9178-AR-DST

Pull down spray wand allows for increased reach, Diamond seal technology helps prevent mineral build-up and the Magna Tide dock helps secure the spray wand in its place without any hassles.

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