Six Broad Styles Of Kitchen Faucets

Forget the functionality of a kitchen faucet or even the fact that your kitchen will never be whole without a faucet and sink. If we just look at a faucet from the aesthetics point of view, it holds lot of worth. Usually, the kitchen sink, unlike a bathroom sink, remains hidden by the countertop and plays a minor role in accentuating the looks of the kitchen. However, it is the faucet that sticks out like a sore thumb and can make or break your overall kitchen appearance.


Matching the right style of kitchen faucet with your existing kitchen is therefore a major factor in deciding a faucet. Functionality, durability, brand name, all of that comes later. If your faucet doesn’t blend well with the kitchen none of the above features really matter. So, here is a simple guide to get you started.

Sigma Six Style Sheet

Personally I believe that there are only six types of kitchen faucet styling. You will probably find different brands classify them under different headings or even group a few of these together but to me these six styles make a lot of sense. Hopefully, this simple style guide will help you choose a faucet based on its looks and complete your kitchen.

The first thing to understand is that no kitchen faucet can be perfectly divided into any of the following categories. Today majority of faucets actually borrow design and styling elements from each other and hence are more of a blend between the following categories. Instead, we can find out what style elements a faucet possesses and hence match it accordingly with our kitchen. I call this the Sigma Six Style Sheet.

Industrial Style

industrial-faucetsTrue industrial style kitchen faucets are usually conical or cylindrical in shape. They use strict shapes of a geometric nature and are best used with kitchens that have plenty of acute angles. Industrial look isn’t for everyone and many actually think such faucets to be low quality simply because they look too simple.

Nature Inspired Style

nature-inspired-faucetEverything in nature is continuous and has a purpose. No blunt edges, all curved and smooth sides, plenty of natural accents are what describe such faucets. They also tend to possess natural metallic colors. If any faucet reminds you of a flower, plant or animal, it is definitely a nature inspired design.

Fusion Style

fusion-faucetFusion style is basically a proper half n half mixture of industrial and natural styling. Expect to see abrupt edges, conical structures intermixed with smoothened and textured or natural lines. Easy to spot, these are actually the most prevalent of designs in the market.

Neo-Classical Style

retro-faucetTaking a leaf out of a history book, faucet designers today are once again revisiting styles of the past. These faucets use a combination of colors, materials and designing to give a retro or neo-classical look. One glimpse at a retro faucet and you will realize that it does not belong to the 21st century. Such faucets go best with antique or retro styled kitchens.

Modernist Style

modernist-faucetModernist style incorporates bold ideas, odd angles, out-of-the-blue creativity to bring life into already existing faucets. Usually, modernist kitchen faucets incorporate an older design and take it to new heights.

Designer Style

designer-faucetJust as there are designer brands in fashion, so are there designer faucets for your kitchen. They are called designer because you won’t find another piece or style similar to it. Usually overtly expensive and available as part of a limited edition, these faucets are revolutionary in introducing new styling elements.

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