The Shape Of Things To Come – Style Guide Part 3

Classical designs, contemporary styling and functionality are all well settled in the market. You might even think that there is nothing more to explore in the realm of kitchen faucets. So, what about the future? Is this all there is? Thankfully innovation is the essence of human civilization without which we all would be lost. There is still a lot yet to be tried out, new faucet designs, interesting features and functions to be tested. This is my take on the future of faucets and what you can currently find in the market that properly defines the future.

Its All Architectural

l-shape-faucetAll current faucet designs are fluidic with curves and subtle shapes. You will find domestic faucets today borrowing heavily from industrial grade faucets. However, in the future I believe faucets will be dominated by dramatic geometry, inspired by simple architectural ideas. L-shaped faucets with severe right angles, U-shaped spouts with squared off arcs, metallic pipes taking rectilinear shapes, handles and heads in squat squares, cylindrical shapes moving away from a full circle to knob spindles with elaborate yet defined geometry. You can already see such inspirations taking hold with Kohler, Grohe and Delta leading the change towards geometry over fluidity.

Function And Form Blended Together

Touchless Faucets

touch-free-faucetFunctionality merged with form is the key factor for the future. Take a look at today’s touchless faucets. These handle-less designs are sleek, sexy and definitely very geometric in their design. With no handles or knobs disrupting the flow of styling, the faucets take on many different shapes. Simply taping, touching or even moving your hand underneath the faucet head fires up the faucet. Prime example being the Wellspring from Kohler. This faucet measures the distance of your hands from the faucet and automatically turns water on or off based on whether you are close to the faucet head or not. In fact, it can adjust water flow and direction based on the exact distance. These faucets save water, and help prevent bacterial infections from E.coli and Salmonella. Think about it, if you aren’t touching the faucet there is no way you can transfer germs from any external source to your food.

Flexible Pull-Down Sprayers

industrial-faucetPull-out spray nozzles are the current market norm but in a few years, I believe flexible pull-down sprayers will become a mainstay. With toggles or buttons letting you decide the type of spray, pause or resume water flow, swiveling joints to help you redirect water with the touch of a finger, instant locking mechanism and the ability to take the sprayer far away from the kitchen sink, future spray faucets are sure to be a major hit.

LED Lit Faucets

led-lit-faucetNot much of a technological marvel and neither too functional, LED lit faucets are more of a complete style statement. They provide an impressive look to the kitchen at night, with colorful display of light illuminating the water as it escapes from the nozzle. Then there are faucets with indicator lights that inform you about the health of filters, some with dual handles that help swivel the faucet around and can help you control volume, temperature while lighting the nozzle up.

The Downside Of Future Technology

While technology definitely makes life so much easier, it can also complicate things. For instance, more technology equals delicate components and higher incidence of breakdowns. Regular maintenance becomes a must. Battery changes, LED damage and even electrocution due to faulty circuits are a good possibility with advanced futuristic functional faucets.

But you really have to ask yourself – did you ever wonder there would be faucets that operate on battery, understand when you want the water to turn on and even throw a few dancing LED lights on the sink? I certainly did not envision such changes a decade ago but having seen a few futuristic faucets up close, I am more than excited to experience this subtle but momentous change towards the future of geometric styling with breakthrough technology.
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