How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Faucet Filter

Any kitchen without a useful and handy faucet is incomplete and likewise any faucet without a faucet filter is not quite whole. While a lot of kitchen-faucet-filter manufacturing companies, even the top most brands, claim to provide you with the best product, it is strongly advised that you follow the below mentioned tips to rightly decide and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Types of Kitchen Faucet Filter

A kitchen faucet filter is directly associated with your health, since it controls the water you consume thereby controlling your health positives as well as negatives. To begin with, primarily you’ll first need to decide whether you want a filter installed with the faucet itself or one that is placed below the sink. While the former is easier to attach, the latter is a space-saver. Once you have settled upon your priority in this sphere, you need to chalk out your budget.


Always make it a point to purchase the filter directly from the manufacturer or company in order to save you added and inessential costs of mediators. A filter installed with the kitchen faucet should cost somewhere around $100 – $125 and even though there will be plenty of more expensive options do not blindly think that more the price better the product. Make sure you compare the features and technological specifications before purchasing one because an expensive filter might have the same features offered by the budget-friendly ones. On the other hand, a filter to be placed under the sink will cost you slightly more, ranging around $145 to $180, with a higher end model costing even more.

The reason for difference in cost of countertop filters and under the counter filters is mostly because of the output flow rate of water. The former generates a reduced flow rate whereas the second kind offers a stronger pressure.


The most important decisive factor, however, remains the technology used. If the filter does not include the carbon and sub micron filtration along with ion exchange, be rest assured that you have laid your hands on the wrong one. Without a combination of these three technologies the purpose of installing a kitchen faucet filter will not be achieved. Apart from the three mentioned tiers, a filter should also possess a multimedia block.

When water passes through these stratified layers you can be sure that it is fit for consumption and free from contamination. Further, not only will the water you intake be healthy but also will have an enhanced taste.

Performance Oriented

While all kitchen faucet filters claim to make tap water contaminant-free, one actually needs to make certain that no essential components of water are removed in the process. Before purchasing a filter, demand a performance sheet from the company and accordingly choose one that removes only the carcinogens and other impurities but leaves the essential minerals intact.

Opting for the right kitchen faucet filter is crucial so that along with making the most of your investment, you do not have to compromise on your health. It is known to everybody that health hazards travel faster through water; hence drinking pure water is one of the most important steps towards having a healthy body. By using a filter in the faucet you will virtually create a protection zone for yourself and your family.