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Working in the kitchen day in and day out can be very mundane, boring and monotonous. Just like walking into the same classroom or the same office becomes drab, imagine walking into a boring kitchen every day. Stylizing the kitchen is one way of cutting this monotony. Kitchen faucets are essential in every kitchen and usually positioned in a corner because they are not very smart or trendy. But now you have the option of giving your kitchen a sense of style with stylish kitchen faucets. This can give your entire kitchen a makeover and probably add a little color to your irksome routine.

Here are a few options to award your kitchen some style, with kitchen faucets:-

  1. Black Colored Faucets

Black is the color of sophistication and will make your kitchen look grand and classy. If your kitchen is modern and well equipped with modern gadgets and appliances, then black is the color for you. It will give your kitchen a majestic look. But be sure that black goes well with the color tone of your kitchen. For example, a complete white kitchen with a black faucet will simply hurt the eyes. You also have the option of choosing between matte finished or glossy finished faucets, so choose the one that blends with your kitchenette. The biggest advantage of having black colored fittings is that it is easy to maintain. It does not get sloppy easily and simply wiping with a wet cloth will keep it clean.

  1. White Colored Faucets

White is the color of elegance. If your kitchen is pastel shaded or has a light color tone, white colored faucet would be the ideal choice. It also gives an additional spic and span look. However, unlike the black colored ones, maintaining it is not that easy. Any dirt or greasy is very evident on white, so you always have to put in an extra effort in keeping it clean.

  1. Varied Colors

If you are a color lover and do not want to settle with white or black, then there are other options available as well. Kitchen faucets are available in single color like red, blue, etc. You can install one that goes well with your taste and the overall look of your kitchen. If you are choosing colored faucets do not go for something loud if your kitchen look is sober or vice-versa. The faucet should complement your kitchenette. Maintenance of colored faucets is little tough as they get discolored or chipped over time and usage.

  1. Traditional Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucets

If you want to give your kitchen a contemporary or old-age look, then oiled bronze faucets are the ideal choice. It gives a conventional and classic appearance to the kitchen. Bronze faucets would be the perfect choice in giving the kitchen a balanced look – modern as well as vintage. Maintaining bronze faucets is not that difficult either.

  1. Stainless Steel Faucets

Stainless steel faucet is another conventional choice. It goes well with almost all types of kitchen settings and design. The only thing to be kept in mind is that if your kitchen is specifically designed to give a vintage look, then a stainless steel faucet in the middle of it would be nothing less of a horror. Moreover, they are extremely scratch resistant and maintaining them isn’t a tough task.

  1. Other Options

Other options available are chrome plated, copper plated, nickel plated and brass faucets. While chrome is an economical option, copper is for the spendthrift. Like stainless steel, chrome is also scratch resistant and easy to maintain. Nickel and brass are for the modernized kitchens.

Kitchen faucets should match your taste and liking; at the same time, it should enhance the style and look of your kitchen. So, choose the one that fits your decor.


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