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Water is all around us, with Moen kitchen faucets this is more of a reality than a common saying. Their endeavor to produce the best quality kitchen faucets and bathroom fixtures culminates in stylizing your home, adding value and prominence to an otherwise simple dwelling. Not only do Moen faucets look elegant from the outside but also incorporate elegance in construction. Focused efforts spread over five decades has helped Moen become the number one faucet brand.

Started in 1956 as a part of Ravenna Metal Products by Alfred M. Moen, it later became a part of Stanadyne Inc. and then got acquired by Fortune brands in 1988. The entire Moen line is now spun off into a single product range dealing exclusively in home faucets and fixtures, mostly of a plumbing nature.

Innovations of Moen Kitchen Faucets

A Moen faucet delivers less water per second than any other faucet and yet you will never realize this thanks to the use of a precision flow optimized aerator. Moen calls this WaterSense.

Homeowners can now interrupt the flow when moving outside of the sink using the pause button. This is great to clean up, fill pots and even water plants.

No longer will you be limited by the plumbing in your kitchen sink. With Moen’s innovative M-Pact system of common valves, you can use any faucet style interchangeably without additional plumbing.

Read our Reviews and Find the Moen Faucet you need:

Moen 7185CSL Review

The Moen 7185CSL has a classic look that sets it apart from all the “modern” looking kitchen appliances out there. The other features like a pull down spot, spray control and stainless steel all add to the value of a great product from Moen. Besides it is durable and comes with a nifty dual mode operation.

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2 Moen 7594CSL Review

Moen 7594CSL Review

The Moen 7594CSL is your everyday faucet that features stunning styling with lots of added extras – Dual sided handle placement, swiveling spout, pull-down spray head and Moen’s assurance of lifetime service. Decently priced, this faucet will be a good addition to any kind of kitchen. Classical to modern kitchens, the Moen will fit perfectly into all.

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3 Moen 7594SRS Review

Moen 7594SRS Review

Simplicity in design, durability by construction, ergonomics by choice, the Moen 7594SRS is a true workhorse in the kitchen. Made to survive for ages, this faucet is heavy, constructed from stainless steel and endowed with a splendid pull-down dual mode spout, this Arbor collection faucet is a definite winner among much better known brands and models.

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