Selecting A Kitchen Faucet Based On The Finishing

Functionality is definitely a huge factor in selecting the right kitchen faucet but you must also consider the aesthetics of your kitchen. You can’t have a bronze faucet for a kitchen that is predominantly stainless steel – look’s kind of odd. Hence, the finishing of a kitchen faucet definitely impacts the way your kitchen and sink appear.

The finish is basically the final coat or surface of the handles, spout, sprayer and other components. Take into consideration other appliances in the kitchen, the lighting, décor and wall color before deciding on an appropriate finish. Also consider how durable the finishing is. For instance, can your faucet handle minor scratches, smudges, discoloration and rusting? If a manufacturer offers a good warranty period, you know their product is definitely made for the long haul.

The following finishing guide is mostly to assist you in deciding on an appropriate faucet finish. Colors, hue and texture may vary according to the brand and model.

Popular Finishes Available Today


chrome-kitchen-faucetChrome can come in a variety of super-finishes such as matte, brushed or polished. This finishing is economical, durable and really simple to clean. It even resists rusting and oxidation but tends to hold water marks.


Nickel comes in super-finishes of satin or brushed. Again, just like Chrome, Nickel is easy to maintain and durable. You may want to get nickel faucets with a titanium coating on top to prevent tarnishing of the surface and scratching.

Mixed Metallic Tones

This kind of finishing takes more than one metal or material to finish the kitchen faucet. It needs to be properly matched to the décor of your kitchen otherwise, you may just have an oddity staring you in the face. Excellent combos include polished brass with satin nickel, polished chrome to brushed nickel, white and nickel.


Brass is an antique finish and comes in three different textures namely, satin, high gloss and traditional. These faucets tend to resist wear and tear for a really long time.


The bronze finish is a popular option among rustic lovers because it works best with any neutral or pastel shades. Besides, the best feature of bronze finishing is that it can be highlighted with brushed, polished oil-rubber textures. This material manages to resist corrosion, tarnishing and even major scratches.

Solid Colors

Such faucets don’t cost much and they aren’t finished with metal. Rather, they use enamel or epoxy finish that cleans quickly and easily. Most popular options are ivory, black and white.

If you plan on purchasing a secondary faucet or bar faucet for your kitchen then remember not to get the same finish as your main sink faucet. Most folks believe that this is the safest choice but the truth is that you are just going to degrade the appeal of the main faucet, which is not just expensive but also supposedly the center-of-attraction.
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