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Danze’s Parma line-up is characterized by a minimalistic yet striking crisp lines. The Danze D455158SS brings together a contemporary design with simple grace and styling with edgy yet dramatic curves. This faucet suits any kitchen and adds a bit of adventure to the aesthetics. It features dual spray mode with a smooth transition flip switch and ceramic valves that reduce drips. In fact, the spout measuring in at 10 inches in length and 22.7 in height conceals a wand tucked inside that can deliver either an aerated stream for general use or a spray mode for heavy duty use. The Danze Parma D455158SS meets low-lead compliance of California and is backed by a complete lifetime limited warranty.

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Our Review:


Dual spray mode with a choice between heavy duty spray and aerated dispersal will help you clean dishes, fill pots and do just about anything else. Plus with the spring recoil type spout design, its easy to pull it around the sink, take it onto the countertop and even fill up large pots. The water flow has an excellent glide to it and the faucet feels quite solid in the hand. I felt the nozzle was a shaped more like a mini-shower with plenty of tiny holes arranged around a few large ones that together handle the two different spray patterns.


This is the first time I am actually in awe of a spring type spout and neck . It has a beautiful stainless steel finish that coupled with a modern looking kitchen would definitely look great. It is appealing to the eye and blends in well with kitchen’s other steel installations The single lever mechanism makes it easy to handle but it also gives it a minimalistic appeal, which is something that I love seeing in any kitchen faucet. For me, less equals more.


This Danze Parma unit is heavy and made from high-grade brass with a stainless steel finish. The use of heavy material in its construction gives it sturdiness, adds to the weight, brings in the ability to sustain and work under heavy pressure and protects against corrosion over time. In short, it is a sturdy piece for any kitchen, which is destined to last a really long time.

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Extra Features:

The Single handle pre-rinse faucet is a beautiful piece that is heavy duty and industrial by design. The neck and spout together is about 10 inches high, which is more than sufficient to fit in pots and pans underneath it. The 22 ¾-inch measurement of the spout allows to build pressure inside and together with the tiny heads on the nozzle, you get a balanced and refined glide.

Danze D455158SS

Danze D455158SS

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Warranty & Repair:

The faucet comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Given the company’s customer centric approach, you can be assured of getting an amazing after-sale service and customer support. I haven’t yet called in their customer service number but from what I have heard, Danze is a brand name that you can trust. Danze actually has an exhaustive FAQ section on its official site along with email contact details for their customer care department.


The Danze D455158SS is definitely one of the top pull-out faucets today. Unique minimalistic and modern styling combined with simplicity and loads of functionality makes this an indispensable part of any kitchen. Other than the plastic nozzle, which thankfully doesn’t cost much to replace, I haven’t found anything worth commenting against. In short, it is the complete package.

  • Measures 18.7 Inch by 6.2 Inch by 3.3 Inch.
  • Single-hole mount with modern and sleek look.
  • Ceramic valve system ensures smooth and drip-free operation.
  • Dual modes – spray and aerated stream.
  • Adheres to all ADA requirements.
Danze D455158SS Review
Danze D455158SS

Ultra-modern look, ease of use and dual mode operation with ceramic valves and lifetime warranty.

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