Delta 16971-SSSD-DST Review

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The Delta 16971-SSSD-DST is modern in its styling but classical at heart with the shape and structure. It is a perfect blend between modernity and tradition with a timeless design that fits flawlessly into any kitchen. Featuring the patented Delta technologies, Diamond Seal and MagnaTite docking system, this faucet is designed to last a really long time. Besides, the limited lifetime warranty ensures against defects during the course of use. The pull-down sprayer can operate in two modes namely, spray and aerated mode using the toggle diverter or switch. This simple switch makes it easy changing between modes on the fly while the soap dispenser is a nice addition in terms of looks as well as functionality. Finished with a brilliant luster, this timeless piece is a good addition to a modern yet neo-classical kitchen.

Warranty & Repair
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As far as functionality goes, this is one of the easiest and fulfilling of all Delta faucets. The Delta 16971-SSD-DST comes with the basic Delta features such as MagnaTite docking and Diamond Seal technology, which in turn improve its longevity and make it a breeze to use. I found it to be a bit stiff in retracting back the pull-down spray head but over time it tends to get more comfortable. The best feature though is the simple toggle switch to choose between aerated and spray mode, which unlike many other models with a button does not need to be held in place to move between either modes. As for the soap dispenser, it works just fine although I doubt how long it will survive.


Ok so this isn’t exactly a traditional faucet in every sense. Yes, the pull-down faucet head does have a classical appeal and so does the handle but the fine curves and lines tend to give it a bit of modernity. In fact, if you use it, you will feel that it is more of a modern day faucet than a traditional design. With the soap dispenser and optional deck mounting plate, you have sufficient options on how to fit it into a kitchen, which is great as it lets you customize your sink.


Compared to other Delta faucets, the 16971-SSSD-DST is a much more durable faucet with stainless steel construction. I am not saying that it will never need any repairs or replacements but the lifetime warranty is definitely going to make things much easier. And considering the price you pay for this neat fixture, you are actually getting a decent return on investment.

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Extra Features:

The only two extra features I see in the Delta 16971-SSSD-DST are the additional soap dispenser and the toggle switch on the pull-down faucet head. The soap dispenser is great as long as you use a thin solution but if you plan on using handwash soap solution then beware as it tends to draw in air bubbles.

Delta 16971-SSSD-DST

Delta 16971-SSSD-DST

Warranty & Repair:

Warranty is for the entire life of the product although limited under certain conditions. Thankfully, majority of the replacement parts are shipped in free of cost. As for repairs, you probably won’t have to repair anything other than the counterweight system every two years. It tends to corrode as it moves inside the spout under the sink and will make the pull-down sprayer sluggish if left unchanged. Delta as usual is great with customer support and you can find them helpful even in the middle of the night.


A decent faucet, the Delta 16971-SSSD-DST is more of a permanent fixture to have around. This faucet won’t impress everyone but it will definitely be functional and fortuitous in the long run. I find this to be the best Delta faucet although there are better finishes and functional faucets than this in the market simply because of the price tag. At this price, you won’t get another faucet that maintains its looks for years and stays fully functional too.

  • Features a classic design with flawless lines.
  • Delta’s MagnaTite locking and docking system provides a perfect fit for the pull-down spout.
  • Comes with matching lotion or soap dispenser.
  • Single handle ergonomic design.
  • Diamond Valve technology ensures longevity .
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.
Delta 16971-SSSD-DST

Easy installation, simple to use design and a high quality finish with top quality components.

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